Large Snail Washes Up On River Bank In Andhra Pradesh, Sold For Rs 18,000

An unusually large sea snail, found on the banks of a river in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, has been reportedly fetched Rs 18,000 at an auction. According to news agency ANI, the snail was identified as Syrinx Aruanus – a species of snail that is one of the world’s largest across both land and water. It can grow up to 70 cm in length and weigh up to 18 kg. Popularly known as Australian trumpet or false trumpet, these carnivorous snails are vulnerable to local extinction as their shells are popular ornaments. The orange-coloured snail was found on the river bank, ANI said in a tweet, sharing three pictures of the enormous snail.

The Syrinx is typically a tropical species but can be found in other areas too. Mostly, these snails get washed up to the shore following cyclones and storms. Snails remain active during the wet season or after heavy irrigation of the citrus groves. They are inactive in winter and hide in the soil.

Since being shared on Twitter, the post received quite a few responses from users.

One user pointed out the weird name of the species, saying it sounded similar to “Horcrux”, a magical object shown in the movie Harry Potter.

Another user wondered what was so special about the snail.

A third praised it as a beautiful specimen.

According to the Queensland Museum, due to their popularity as ornaments or specimens, very large Syrinx are now rarely seen, although juvenile specimens often wash ashore.